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The Aquasearch Lab / Aquarium is a home occupation business which also includes consultancies.   It was given a permit to operate as a home occupation business by the Townsville City Council (TCC) in 1998.

The Aquasearch Aquarium is currently the only facility on Magnetic Island for viewing a marine display. We have ceased to hold the 30 year old (100 kig)cultured Tridacna gigas, the true giant clam, which in the past had been used as a part of the biofiltration of this aquarium.  The logistics of moving them are difficult. This was one reason for the translocation of this cohort of giant clam into the two Magnetic Island snorkel trails. The specimens from this cohort were spawned by Dr. Rick Braley in mid-January 1986 at Seafarm Pty. Ltd., Flying Fish Point (near Innisfail), north Queensland  This is a threatened species listed by IUCN and CITES.  The renovated tanks (fibreglass repairs and new windows - late 2005, early 2006) in the marine display are what remains of the once popular 'Sharkworld' which was at Nelly Bay beach where Base Backpackers is currently located.  Also in the marine display are hard and soft corals, coralliomorphs, anemones, lobsters and shrimp, blue starfish, trochus, and a variety of coral reef fish. Along with the marine display tanks is an area for breeding of marine anemonefish and selected freshwater fish.   The facility includes microscopes and a Live Foods section.  Freshwater and some saltwater fish, as well as basic aquarium supplies are for sale here for clients who make an appointment. Click on the following YouTube links to see short videos. The first two links are Aquasearch Children's Video, 2015 (both links are the same video, about 9 min.) and the third link is of Aquasearch Aquarium Display on 8 Sept. 2013:


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Aquasearch Aquarium photos (2014)

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Dr. Rick Braley & daughter at Aquasearch Aquarium (Mike McKoy photo, 1999)





The TCC has been supportive of Educational Tours at Aquasearch Lab / Aquarium.   Queensland State Schools (Primary and Secondary), and Religious-affliated Schools (primary and secondary) have visited Aquasearch Aquarium.  Appointments are required.  Educational tours can also be arranged (by appointment) for small groups of tourists who are staying at Magnetic Island accommodations, as well as for groups who are 'learning to scuba dive' at the dive establishments on Magnetic Island.  Here are summaries of what Tours are available for 1) Schools, 2) Tourist Groups, 3) Dive Course Participants


  Educational CDs from Aquasearch Lab / Aquarium are for SALE directly or by order:

CD No.1 What am I and What Do I Do?  Coral Reef Organisms. (for year class 4 to adults) & CD1a Coral Reef Organisms - What am I and What Do I Do? (for High School & adults)

   CD No. 2 Giant Clams (for High School & adults)



Laminated Tropical Photos from Aquasearch Lab / Aquarium are for SALE directly or by order:


Solar-City Experiment on Magnetic Island by Ergon Energy:

Aquasearch Aquarium is hosting one of Ergon's solar roofs on Magnetic Island. It was set up in late May 2008 (see picture below), and at the end of the program in 2014 the solar panels were purchased from Ergon.



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