Cultured Giant Clam Shells

When available, only for inside Australia.

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[this photo is an example only]

Sorry, but there are no more shells available for sale. Any new shells after this depends upon whether a clam dies in the ocean culture area, but at 30 yr. old they are just middle age and they have a low mortality rate.

History of these clam shells

Rare Aquacultured Giant clam shells (Tridacna gigas) were cultured from eggs during Dr. Braley's PhD thesis. These are truly scientific specimens of this amazing species of bivalve mollusc, the largest species of bivalve ever to inhabit the earth through the whole fossil record. Giant clams are listed on CITES [Convention for International Trade of Threatened and Endangered Species] as Vulnerable. The shells have only been made available for interested people living in Australia. This is because these are first generation cultured clams, and by the CITES regulations they would have to be second generation cultured before they could be traded internationally. These clams were reared from spawnings conducted under Research Permits (details of permits given with shells) from Commonwealth and Queensland governments in early 1986. The shells were being sold to offset Dr. Braley's long-term research on these unique organisms. Shells varied in size from about 45 cm to 70 cm. These were offspring of the first spawnings of this species in Australia. Giant clam shells are often used in gardens, but may be used as sinks, footbaths, or even as a centerpiece food dish. Note that the clams in all the photos below are examples and not for sale.

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Supply is now exhausted. If any shells become available again in future it will be noted on this page. Then it would be possible to contact [email protected] regarding a list of shells with details. 

If shells are available we do a basic clean, bleach and packing of shells at a cost of $25 per shell + $35 for shipment from the island to Townsville. These are our costs in addition to the shell.

Shipment price from Townsville to you depends on your destination from North Queensland.  We suggest Pack and Send. Roger at Pack and Send, Townsville [(07)47258000] is most helpful. They will also pack the shell safely in liquid foam so it arrives without damage. Their costs will include the cost of shipment to you and the safe packing. This is payable by you to Pack and Send.

Future Culturing of these Giant Clams:

In order to ensure that there are shells available to people in future we need to have a hatchery constructed in the Palm Island group. Our Djulin Marine Aboriginal Corporation or DMAC (see www.djulinmarine.com ) has plans for this hatchery and farm and the Palm Island Community Council is interested in our plan. We require an investor with VISION. See our website www.djulinmarine.com .



Examples of giant clam shells used in the garden:

Clam shells in a Shrine

Giant clam shells along a garden walkway

Giant clam shells as a fountain over an ornamental pond

Giant clam shells around a rainwater tank

Giant clam shell sink in a garden Gazebo

Giant clam shell as a mailbox

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