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Aquasearch Lab / Aquarium can take a group of up to 25 maximum at one time, preferably not more than 20.  The groups must have a minimum of 5 people.  The entire tour takes about an hour for a group.  A second group can then come for the next tour.  Groups of >15 are split into two. 

Tour: [approximately one hour ][$10 per person, incl. GST]

  1. Guided tour through the marine display featuring a 29 year old cultured giant clam (100 + kg in weight at this age), corals and colourful reef fish, with particular emphasis on the clown anemonefish (Nemo) which we culture at Aquasearch. Basic talk given on giant clams and some of the corals and reef fish represented in the aquarium. 
  2. Visit to behind the scenes, where stock and working cultures of marine microalgae are seen.  Each visitor has a look under the microscope at either brine shrimp or rotifers.
  3. The Çage' is viewed with freshwater fish, some marine ornamental broodstock fish, and tanks used in larval culture.  Visitors are given a short talk about fish culture and on practical math used in aquaculture.
  4. The group walks along Gustav Creek Bridge to our house where a Video is shown in our breezeway on The Life History and Aquaculture of Giant Clams and Clown Anemonefish and / or  Odyssey, a 15 min. film by Dr. Walter Starck on the Great Barrier Reef.


Bookings are essential for groups.


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