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Aquasearch Lab / Aquarium can take a group of up to 30 students maximum at one time.   The entire tour takes approximately 50-60 minutes for a group.  A second group can then come for the next tour.  Groups of  >20 are split into two.  The two portions of the tour include:

Portion 1 [approximately 25 minutes]:  

Portion 2 [approximately 25 minutes]



Special Projects which may be done by schools that are here for most of a week or for the Magnetic Island State School:



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Magnetic Island Reef Walk Tours



During the winter low tides around the new or full moon periods from about April - October each year Aquasearch can organise to take out a group for a guided tour.      The tour is walking on the reef flats of Magnetic Island, where  corals are exposed and fish may have been trapped in the tide pools.  The reef flats in different bays have various types of corals and reef organisms that would be visible to the students by walking, and there are mangroves nearshore on west-facing beaches which can be visited.  The group should contact us for planning a program, and for cost per person (normally $7.70 per person, including GST).  Aquasearch would be acting in the capacity of a consultant for the group on-site, and would not be responsible for the insurance against accidents for the group.




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Low tide at a reef close to Horseshoe Bay.  Cultured giant clams on left & hard corals in tidepool, above.

Magnetic Island State School group visiting the late Mr. R. Kieth Bryson at White Lady Bay during a low tide in latter May 2003.



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