Swim-Through Aquariums

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Imagine having this in your swimming pool…a full saltwater pool with giant clams and coral reef fish, or…

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maybe just a freshwater pool with your favourite freshwater fish.


The Concept


Convert your swimming pool from one that you have to maintain the chlorine levels regularly to one that you use no chlorine but maintain aquarium fish,  invertebrates, and aquatic plants.  Have more fun swimming with your pets.   

Swim-through aquariums would use the same sand filter already used in your swimming pool but there would be modular units to add to this basic particle filter…e.g. various biofilters, and to sterilize the water as well as chlorine does with the use of a UV-sterilisation unit.  The UV-sterilisation does not hurt the living organisms in the swim-through aquarium like residual chlorine does.  Likewise, chlorine is not good for human skin either, so this is a safer way to go and more enjoyable.   There is the need for a canopy of translucent plastic material to retain solar heating in the winter and keep the swim-through aquarium more livable for you and your aquatic pets.


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