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Queensland State Schools (primary and secondary), and religious-affliated schools (primary and secondary) have visited Aquasearch Aquarium. Educational tours are also available for small groups of visitors who are staying on Magnetic Island, and for groups who are 'learning to scuba dive' at the dive establishments on Magnetic Island. Appointments are required for tours.

Tours are available for:

  1. Schools

  2. Tourist Groups

  3. Dive Course Participants

Educational CDs from Aquasearch Lab / Aquarium are for SALE directly or by order (see the bottom of this page for more details):

CD No.1 What am I and What Do I Do?
Coral Reef Organisms. (for year class 4 to adults) & CD1a Coral Reef Organisms - What am I and What Do I Do? (for High School & adults).

CD No. 2 Giant Clams (for High School & adults).

ABOVE: Partial view of Aquasearch Aquarium marine display.


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Educational Tours For Schools

The Aquasearch  Aquarium can take a group of up to 15 students maximum in normal times.  During the 2020 Pandemic (COVID-19)  a 4 sq m  per person space is advised.  Thus the Aquasearch Aquarium can now accommodate 7 persons at a time in the facility.  Tours are cancelled in 2020 and thus far in 2021.  We will let you know when they can begin again..  The entire tour takes approximately 20 minutes for a group. A second group can then come for the next tour. 
Cost of the Tour: $7.70 (incl. GST) per person, however, note that individuals may come to the aquarium between 930am to 4.30pm for an entry fee of $3 pp and just $1 for children < 5 yr. old.  There will be no help from staff for individual entries.

The  tour includes:

 A guided tour through the marine display featuring corals and colourful reef fish, including anemonefish.

  • A visit to the Live Foods area, where stock and  / or working cultures of marine microalgae are seen. Each students may have a look under the microscope at either microalgae, rotifers or brine shrimp.

  • The wet lab cage is viewed with some marine ornamental broodstock fish, tanks used in larval culture, and some freshwater fish. Students may be given a brief talk on the  methods of reproduction used by freshwater fish and on practical math used in aquaculture.

  •  Aquasearch's Video is shown on The Life Histories and Aquaculture of Giant Clams and Clown Anemonefish.


ABOVE: Partial view of Aquasearch Aquarium marine display.

Special Projects

Special Projects which may be done by schools that are here for most of a week or for the Magnetic Island State School:


  • A class may set up microalgae or rotifer cultures and do microscope counts on the growth increase within a school week period.

  • A class may make observations on fish, clams, anemones,  and coral in the marine display for descriptive biology on feeding or behaviour.

  • A class may set up an experiment or make observations on freshwater aquarium fish.



ABOVE: Magnetic Island State School group visiting the late Mr. R. Kieth Bryson at White Lady Bay during a low tide in latter May 2003.

ABOVE: Cultured giant clams showing during low tide at a reef close to Horseshoe Bay. 

ABOVE: Hard corals in a tide pool showing during low tide.

Magnetic Island Reef Walk Tours

During the winter low tides around the new or full moon periods from about April - October each year Aquasearch can organise to take out a group for a guided tour.

Cost of the Tour: $7.70 (incl. GST) per person


The tour is walking on the reef flats of Magnetic Island, where  corals are exposed and fish may have been trapped in the tide pools. The reef flats in different bays have various types of corals and reef organisms that would be visible to the students by walking, and there are mangroves nearshore on west-facing beaches which can be visited.  The group should contact us for planning a program.


Please note: Aquasearch would be acting in the capacity of a consultant for the group on-site, and would not be responsible for the insurance against accidents for the group.


Tourist Group & Dive Course Participant Tours

20 minutes,  $10 per person incl GST.

Aquasearch Laboratory and Aquarium can take a group of a minimum of 5 . Due to the Corona Virus in 2020-2021 we are only able to take 6-7 persons at one time to have the right spacing.

  1. An Aquasearch guide will talk about the marine display featuring corals and colourful reef fish, with particular emphasis on the clown anemonefish (Nemo) which is occasionally culture at Aquasearch. A basic talk is given on giant clams and some of the corals and reef fish represented in the aquarium.

  2. A  short video is shown  on The Life History and Aquaculture of Giant Clams and Clown Anemonefish .

Please be aware that if we are not able to assist with the guided tour, the marine display is open daily from 9.30am to 4.30pm.  The entry fee is $3 pp and just $1 for children under 5 yr. old.  There is an honesty box to put money in when entering.


ABOVE: Before you explore the Magnetic Island Snorkel Trails, take one of our tours!

Educational CD's For Sale

Available by direct order.

These educational CDs by Aquasearch Laboratory and Aquarium (for  year class 4 and High School to adults) are also particularly useful to new students of SCUBA diving who want to acquire a better understanding of Coral Reef Organisms. 

CD No.1: What am I and What Do I Do? Coral Reef Organisms.
(For year class 4 to Adults) 

CD No. 1a: Coral Reef Organisms - What am I and What Do I Do?
(For High School & Adults)


CD No. 2: Giant Clams
(For High School & Adults)

COST: AUD $11 (within Australia this includes 10% GST). 

The cost of shipping in a cardboard CD packet by post will be added on to this price.  Within Australia, this is approximately $1.50 extra, whilst outside Australia for airmail, it depends upon the country, but may be $3.00+ extra.

CD content is in Microsoft Powerpoint format. © 2020 Aquasearch

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